Talking about online game, many of gamers are agree that Guild Wars 2 is one of the most best online game in the world. This kind of game has its own uniqueness that is different fron the other online game. In this game there is a world named Tyria which has a large areas. On this area, you will fight many of enemies and defend your territory. To know more about Tyria World in Guild Wars 2 service, here are the explanation.

About Tyria world in Guild Wars 2

1. Continents where various creatures live

The first explanation about Tyria world in Guild Wars 2 service is a large continent that there are few creatures such as humans, dwarves, asuras, and norns where some species lives. Those creatures are always involved in battle. They fight each other to be the winner and dominates the regions in the continent.

2. Continent destruction

As a result of the competition of each creature that inhabits this island or continent, the entire history and life of each creature are destroyed. Because in every competition, there are some creatures that are taking an advantage of some of the battles that held on this continent. One of the creatures that took advantage of the incident was Jotun that also existed on this island.

3. One of four continents

In this game, the continental system is applied to be a place for fighting so that it becomes the arena of battle by several creatures in it. Tyria is the largest island from one of four continents and this continent has an age of 11,000 years. You can know the map and areas in this Tyria World by playing the game itself.

That’s some information about Tyria world in Guild Wars 2 service that important for the new player. This game will invite you to enter the fantasy world which has many of events. Hopefully some of the information given above can be useful for the readers!

Since technology has developed rapidly, many changes have taken place into the world. Many things are being helped by the presence of the technology, from the daily needs, jobs, schools, etc. In this case of conditions, it is also developing and become the part of human life. One of them is online gaming that almost all the children like. Many developers of the game develop various types of games, both on PC or mobile.

Discussing the games, there are many online games that you can choose. One of the popular games is Guild Wars 2. To know more about this kind of game, here are the explanation about the best healing weapon skills in Guild Wars 2 service.

Best healing weapon skills in Guild Wars 2

1. Hide in Shadows

The best healing weapon skills in Guild Wars 2 service is the hide in shadows skill. With this skill, you can regenerate your hero’s health by hiding first, then recovering your health by using this skill. However, this skill feels time consuming so that can danger your hero being attacked by other players.

2. Signet of Malice

The next way to recover health is by using this Signet of Malice skill. It is more recommended for you to be used in danger time because this skill can increase your hero’s blood but you still can attack your opponent. In other words, you can restore the health of your hero while attacking your enemy.

3. Skelk Venom

The last healing skill is Skelk Venom which has the ability to treat the hero you have by carrying out several attacks. This weapon skill is quite beneficial for you to use, especially when your hero fights at a close range with your enemy. So that your hero’s health will be safe.

That’s the best healing weapon skills in Guild Wars 2 service that you can use. In this case, not all the heroes can use the skill above. You can learn the term and conditions about it on the game. Hopefully some of the information provided above is useful for you.

In Guild Wars 2, there are many types of weapons that you can use in the battlefield along with your choosen character or hero. Weapon skill is the ability on your weapon to attack the enemies. You have to train your weapon skill to get the strong weapon ever. To know more about weapon skill, here is a list about two handed weapons skills on Guild Wars 2 service that you must know.

A list of two handed weapon skills on Guild Wars 2

1. Trick Shot

The first two handed weapon skill on Guild Wars 2 service is trick shot. This skill is a technique used for attacking the enemies more than one target. This attack skill is quite effective to attack the enemies in close range. This type of attack uses arrows that have been poisoned so that the effects of this attack will be damaging the enemy.

2. Gas Choking

The next two handed weapon skill is gas can use this weapon skill in a large area to attack all enemies at once. Because the attacking method of this skill is using poison gas attack that can make the enemies stop for a while. So that this weapon skill is very useful for you who is trapped by the enemies. After attacking, the enemy will be hard to move and you can attack them back.

3. Disabling Shot

The last two handed weapon skill is disabling shot. This skill can be used to retreat from the enemy’s trapped. This type of skill is using a leap to avoid the enemies who attack the player.

That’s a list of two handed weapons skills on Guild Wars 2 that you must know. By learning the weapon skill, your character will be easy to attack the enemies. Hopefully some information above can hel you to master the Guild Wars 2 service!

If you are a player in this Guild Wars 2 game, discussing how to distinguish the actual mesmer in Guild Wars 2 becomes one of the important topics that you should know. In this game, there are several types of heroes with their respective characters. However, in this case, we will discuss more about how to distinguish the types of heroes that can be categorized in the type of mesmer. Here’s how to determine the original mesmer in Guild Wars 2 service for you.

How to distinguish real mesmer in Guild Wars 2

1. Weak in close duels

The first way to distinguish the actual mesmer in the first Guild Wars 2 service is by looking for the character. Real mesmer is very weak when doing a close duel. In this game, to distinguish types of mesmer with several other types of heroes is quite difficult. However, if you want to find the real mesmer character, you can take a look of the ability to do a close duel. Because this kind of hero is very weak to do this.

2. Strong long distance duels

One of the characters that you can get from this mesmer is the ability of a very formidable hero to use for long distance duels. Because this type of hero is a type of hero who uses magic effects on every attack on an enemy. If you use this type of hero, then you need to protect the distance when attacking on the enemy. That way, your hero will not be affected by the magic effect.

3. Midline guard

At the time of this type of attack today it is always behind the type of hero who has the ability to duel at close range. Helps in attacking this hero pattern to help attack and add power to kick the team. So, prepare your compilation using this type of hero.

That’s how to distinguish the real mesmer in Guild Wars 2 service. You can take a look with the spesific information above to distinguish the real one. Hopefully the information above is useful for the readers.


Character skills in online game play are the main things players must master. It is because your victory depends on your own character skills that you have been mastered. By mastering the skills of each character you choose, it will certainly make it easier for you to make friends with the characters you choose and explore the battlefield arena together.

One of online games that is currently booming is Guild Wars 2. This online game is an MMORPG game that makes the players being together to become a solid team. Not only character skills, weapons skills are also to be mastered by the players. Here are the explanation of top dagger weapon skills in the Guild Wars 2 service you should know.

Top dagger weapon skills in Guild Wars 2

1. Lotus Strike

The first weapon skill dagger in the Guild Wars 2 service is Lotus Strike. With this weapon skill, players can hit the enemy on target. You can also use poison to your enemies so that he will die.

2. Heartseeker

The second weapon skill dagger is Heartseeker. This weapon skill makes your character jump over enemies very quickly. Not only jumping, your character can attack him at once. With this skill, the enemy’s strength will decrease regularly. The more often you jump over your enemy, the faster your enemy will die.

3. Death Blossom

The third weapon skill Dagger is Death Blossom. This weapon skill allows you to attack from your enemies while hitting them 3 times. By repeating it several times, your enemy will die quickly. It is because each of your attacks will make your enemy bleed.

4. Twisting Fangs

The fourth Dagger weapon skill is Twisting Fangs. This weapon skill can make your enemy die quickly. You can rotate your enemy’s body quickly and hit him at once. That way, your enemy will not be able to move freely to avoid attacks.

That’s an information about the top dagger weapon skills available in the Guild Wars 2 service that you must master if you use a dagger. There are still several other weapon skill daggers that you need to master. By mastering all of them, you will be able to increase the strength of your weapon and become the real winner. Hope this article can be useful for you!

Playing online games will make the players feeling fun. Online games can also refresh the brains of the players so that their thinking performance back to the beginning. It can also enable players to train some problem solving by playing online games. It is because when you play the games with other players in a team, there must be some different opinions and it must be solved soon to win the games together. To keep the team united, you and your team must set a strategy to win the match.

In addition to teamwork, the thing that can support a team victory is also the weapon skill provided in the Guild Wars 2 service. Many weapon skills used in this online game can help you achieve victory and also power leveling. One of the most popular weapons for players is a weapon skill gun. For further explanation, here are some types of weapon skill pistols.

Great pistol weapon skills you can use in playing Guild Wars 2

1. Sneak Attack

The first pistol weapon skill in Guild Wars 2 is Sneak Attack. This Weapon skill is used for stealth attacks. You can use this weapon skill when you are running some secret missions. You can attack your enemy on target with this weapon skill because he will attack the enemy with a quick shot.

2. Repeaters

The second pistol weapon skill is the Repeater. This skill weapon can attack your enemy very quickly from your gun. Repeaters are useful for attacking enemies with multiple shots that can make your enemy lose.

3. Black Powder

The third pistol weapon skill is Black Powder. This Weapon skill can be used to fool the enemy with black powder shots. The enemy’s eyes will get hurt with black smoke which makes you free to move and attack.

That’s some pistol weapon skills that you can master in playing Guild Wars 2 service. By mastering these weapon skills, you will be able to master the battlefield arena in Guild Wars 2. Hope this information can be useful for the readers!

MMORPG is an online based game that involves many players from various regions in it. By entering the game play arena, you can meet new players you don’t even know before and play together. This type of online game makes the players build a team to play together and complete the mission. This kind of system make the players feel excited because with unknown players you must be able to work together to win the match.

One of the best MMORPG games to play is Guild Wars 2. This challenging game provides variety of unexpected events. Players must master their skills on the battlefield arena to fight the enemies. For those of you who just want to try this game, here are some descriptions about combat mode in the Guild Wars 2 service.

All about combat in Guild Wars 2

1. Definition of Combat

Combat itself is the main aspect of Guild Wars 2 service. It is because combat is another word of battle, which is certainly the main mission in almost all of these MMORPG online games. Almost all missions in this type of online game are battles, like in Guild Wars 2 games. However, this game has several different rules in the combat system from the others.

In the Guild Wars 2 game, to win a match in combat mode, you have to train the skill from each character you choose. You also have to explore the arena of the competition to get a lot of missions so you can collect gold coins. Then, you can buy weapons from these gold coins to compete and defeat the enemy.

2. Things that are prohibited in combat mode

Just like other MMORPG online games, Guild Wars 2 also has several rules in combat mode that each player must obey. There are some rules that may or may not be done by players in combat mode. One of things that is not allowed is that the players are not allowed to follow World vs World servers while in this mode. But if you have queued on the W v W server before entering the combat mode, you can enter the W v W server.

Then you are also not allowed from doing travel waypoints in combat mode. You are also forbidden to change every skill and character that your character have. Last, you are not allowed to unequipping and also equipping your character items.

Those are some things you should know about combat mode in the Guild Wars 2 service. Some of the above you must obey because there are several things that you must avoid in this combat mode. Hopefully the information above is useful for you!

Each online game must have its own hero and every hero must have their abilities according to their own type of hero. Each player must have his own favorite hero. It depends on their hero skills possessed by the players and also their characters. One of the most popular online games with many characters is Guild Wars 2.

This Guild Wars 2 service game has many players and it has spread throughout the world. It is because the game is exciting and full of surprises so that the players become addicted to it. For those of you who have just played this game, don’t be insecure and give up easily on the beginning of this game. For you, these are an additional information for beginners about Mounting in Guild Wars 2 that you should know.

Mount in Guild Wars 2 you must know

1. What is Mount

Mounting in Guild Wars 2 service is a supporter of the main characters you play. The function of Mount itself is as a supporter to carry out the mission in Guild Wars 2 perfectly. If the mission played is complete, you will also get a lot of coins and XP.
Not only supporters, Mount is also your travel companion during the battlefield arena in Guild Wars 2. There are several types of Mount that you can choose. By having a Mount, you will be helped during the game, both P v P or W v W.

2. Types of mounts
Like the explanation above, Mount has several types that you can choose based on the abilities they have. Here are kinds of the Mounts in Guild Wars 2:

A. The Springer

Springer is one of the Mounts that has a high jumping ability. He also has the skill of a Cannon ball to attack enemies. This mount can jump to the edge of a high cliff or high wall, but this ability must be trained first by the player.

B. The Raptor

The Raptor is one of the Mounts that has Tail Spin. It has a long jump when walking so the step is very fast. The advantage of the Raptor is that it can attract its enemies when fighting with its skills. You must continue to practice the skills possessed by the Raptor so that its strength continues to grow.

That’s the explanation about Mount in the Guild Wars 2 service that you need to know. You can choose from one of the Mounts to help your journey in this online game to reach the highest level easily. Hopefully the article above can help you.

Guild Wars 2 is one of the most popular online games among game lovers. This online game has its own superiority that make it loved by its players. One of them is about the number of skills that can be mastered in this game. In playing an online game, you must need a great skills to pass every challenge given. Not only that, the skill functions is to fight the enemies and also power leveling to the top level.

Because of the importance of the skills in this Guild Wars 2 service, you must explore the arena based on your own playing experience. One of the skills in the game is called thief skill. For further reviews, here is the explanation for you.

Kinds of mechanics thief skills in GW2 that you should know

1. Stealing

Stealing is the first mechanic in thief skill Guild Wars 2 service that you should know. This skill is the most important skill in thief skill. There is a shortcut menu in the GW 2 game to see your stealing skill, by pressing F1. While the shortcut menu for viewing skills that have been stolen is F2. The skill of the enemy you have stolen will appear on the F2 menu and become your secondary skill.

2. Stealth Attacks

Stealth Attacks are the second mechanic thief skill after stealing. This skill has a different function, depending on how great you are at playing the game. You can kill enemies easily with this skill. You just need to keep practicing so that you can master this skill easily.

3. Dual Wield Skills

Dual Wield Skills are the third mechanic thief skill after Stealth Attacks. This skill has different effects if it is combined with different weapons. You can combine them with several weapons and choose the ones that have the strongest effect against the enemies.

4. Initiative

The Initiative is the last mechanic thief skill. This skill has a strong extra power to crush your enemies in the GW 2 game.
Those are the types of mechanical skills in Guild Wars 2 service that you have to know. You have mastered some of the skills so that your can play the game until you reach the highest level in GW 2. Hope this information is useful for you!

Games are something that is very fun to fill your free time. Along with the development of technology, the offline games have been abandoned and gamers prefer online games. The online games have more complete features because it is constantly being updated and you can play with players from everywhere by online. One of the most popular online games is the Guild Wars 2 or GW 2. Here are the reasons why Guild Wars 2 service is worth playing.

Reasons why GW 2 is worth playing

1. A challenging game

First reason why Guild Wars 2 is worth playing is it has challenging things inside, as you know, GW 2 has a wide server that can include international servers. You can join the world vs world server provided in the Guild Wars 2 service. With a broad map, you can be more challenged because you have to fight hundreds of players on that server.

Besides that, if you are bored with the games with many players, you can switch to Player vs. Player or PvP servers. On this server, you will be placed in a smaller area to complete certain missions.

2. Train skills with various interesting characters
Second reason why Guild Wars 2 is worth playing is it has many unique characters that can train your skills. The many choices of characters and weapons provided make you able to adventure by trying out the available items. You can fight using the strength of the characters you choose.

3. Special surprise every time you play

Third reason why Guild Wars 2 is worth playing because there is a lot of surprised inside the game. When you play it, you will be surprised by the dynamic events that keep changing every time you log in to the game. Of course, it will be very interesting because it will not make you bored.

That’s the reason why Guild Wars 2 is worth playing by the gamers. There are lots of unique Guild Wars 2 services that you can find on this online game. Hope this article can be useful for the readers!