The display of an online game has its own interest for the gamers. Good image and quality of online game make the players more interested in playing the game. One of the game that has an attractive display quality is Guild Wars 2. This game has many areas that have each different appearance and they have their own uniqueness.
Not only the appearance of the game, the appearance of characters, weapons, even the armor also has different charasterisctics from other online games. This game has several types of armor that are used to kill enemies. To find out more, here are all the things about armor in the Guild Wars 2 service.

The appearance of Armor in Guild Wars 2

1. Skin

In the Guild Wars 2 service, there are several types of armor that are used for the characters you choose. First time you look into the armor, you must see the skin of them. Skin is like the appearance of the armor that has many interesting colors and effects. If you want to hae many kinds of armor’s skin, you can buy it at the jewel shop that has been provided in the game. But you have to collect as much money as you need to buy them.

2. Armor set

There are also many kind of armor set that you can collect in this Guild Wars 2 game. This armor set is used to build the strog weapon for your character to kill the monster in the game. You can combine the armor with the skin’s armor you have.

3. Dye

This last is about dye that let your armor to be different by matching the color you want. This way, you can add an impression to the characters you use and support the appearance of your hero. Not only give interesting color, your armor will be more powerful after you use this dye.

Those are all about armor’s appearance in the Guild Wars 2 service game that you can should know. You can choose several types of armor and suit your character. Hopefully some of the information provided above can be useful.

Guild Wars 2 is a kind of game that has a pretty interesting plot so that everyone wants to play this game. You will understand the various stories contained in each plot and the choice of types of game that will be used. In the discussion of the Guild Wars 2 service, it will be discussed about several types of paths that you can play. Especially about the Dungeon in this game, here are the explanation below.

Things you should know about Dungeon in Guild Wars 2

1. Story mode

The type of channel selection that you can play in this game is in the story mode. In this story mode, you will be sent directly to the dungeon. The story will begin to conquer several enemies and challenges that are available in this story, so that you can succeed the mission from this dungeon and get the prizes.

2. Explore mode

In this mode, you can choose an underground path that you can use to find the way you want. In accordance, you can choose and determine the path you like to explore the game areas. In every place in this explore mode, you can find some challenging missions that you must face to win the game.

3. Basement

In this basement mode, it will be faster to raise the level of the character you are using. So, you can use this mode to shorten your level and skill of the characters you have. So that you can power leveling your character with the easiest way with this mode.

Those are some things about the Guilt War 2 service that you can make as additional information before playing the game. Because every experience will be useful to master each mission in this game. Besides, you also improve your character’s skills by completing all the missions. Hopefully some of the information provided above will be useful for you.

In MMORPG games, there is always some storylines that must be followed by the players to reach the ending and win the game. This storyline is also an interesting things for the game players because it has more interesting things to learn about the game’s story.
As you know, in the Guild Wars 2 game there is also a storyline which has interesting story in every part of the game. To know further about this game, here are all about the story of the Guild Wars 2 service journal that you must know.

All about story journal in Guild Wars 2

1. Biography

In guild wars 2, every time you choose a character for playing the game, you will see the biography of each character you will use. However, the description of each character will be disappear when you change your mouse pointer into another area in your PC. So, you have to hold the mouse pointer in one character only to read the full description.

2. Journal or episode

In this game, there are some episodes and story to explain about the story in each episode. You can choose the journal you want to see each story includes in it. In this case, you can also see stories of each character that you want to know.

3. Bonus

At the end of this game has a part called part bonus. This part bonus has their own story or personal story and let the player know about it. This story will be told when you succeed in completing the missions or challenges given to the players. Every story will be seen by the players to let them understand each of the storyline or life and adventure of the characters that are used.

Those are some things about the Guild Wars 2 service that you should know. So that you can understand the story being played. Hopefully the information provided will be useful for you.

Every online game must have its own characteristics and all of them are different. So, you can not play every online games with the same skill only. One of the most popular online game amongs the gamers is Guild Wars 2. This game has unique and dynamic events that attract the players.
These events can occur in all battlefield arenas that are in Guild Wars 2 environment. Now, to get to know more about environment, here are all about player vs. environment in Guild Wars 2 service.

The Player vs Environment in Guild Wars 2

1. Explorable zone

In the explorable zone in Guild Wars 2 service, the Tyria map is very useful for the player to take you to fight the Emulator. This zone will be guided the player directly through the system in the game and make the players are easier to explore. Every time you win a match in this zone, you will get attractive prizes to increase your skill and level.

2. Renown Hearts

The renown heart is the same as several other zones that you can explore freely. This place is also a place for you to get attractive prizes to improve your character’s skills. The more you explore this zone, the better for your to get many gold coins and XP.

3. Dungeons

The last place that is challenging enough for the player you can choose to enhance your battle skills. In this place, you can use single or team mode. It offers a very interesting battle challenge that can be played for the players of this game. You can explore this zone asmany as your wish.

Those are some places that you can choose while playing online game in Guild Wars 2 service. Later, some of those places can be the solution for the players to improve the game skills. Hopefully some of the information provided above can be useful for the gamers.

One of the advantages of playing Guild Wars game 2 is having dynamic events. Dynamic is interpreted as something that change as always. So, in this game, there are various events that keep changing without being predicted by the players. Those events always changes every time the players log in so it makes its own surprise for the gamers.
With that system, the players will not be bored easily with this game even though they have played repeatedly. It is combined with the number of items and weapons provided, players can find the right weapons and items for their chosen character. To find out more about the Dynamic Event in Guild Wars 2 service, here’s the explanation.

All you have to know about Dynamic Events in Guild Wars 2

1. Event scaling

In this event you can play with your team to fight against the enemy team play in this event. You will meet several new types of enemies who have different levels from low to high. However, in this mode, you will also meet some high level enemies to fight with your team.

2. Meta Event

The next type of event in the Dynamic Event in Guild Wars 2 service is the Meta Event. It is one of dynamic event because this zone offers a storyline with many part of zones that you can explore. This zone offers exciting battles and areas to be explored to e the winner team.

3. Chained events

The next event is called chained events which also interesting with some of events mentioned above. At the end of this mode, you will meet each hero character that will tell the chronology of the stories. This mode can be used to improve your character’s skills in this game.

Those are some types of events used in Dynamic Event in Guild Wars 2 you can choose and play. You can also choose one of the events that have been provided above to understand the game character of this game. Hopefully the information provided above is useful for the readers.

Knowing the all the things about the game before playing certainly benefits you more as a player. Then you can play more expertly even though you are not being the master level yet. Therefore, before you play certain games you should look for tips or tricks to play the game first. You can also watch several streaming games for the masters who play the game.

One game that is often played by masters game is Guild Wars 2. Gamers like to play this game because the challenges given in an unique way. Well, to enjoy the game, you must know the areas that exist in the Guild Wars 2 service first. For more information, read the list of zones in this game below.

Kinds of zone in Guild Wars 2

1. Definition of Zone

In the Guild Wars 2 service, the zone is a map provided to explore some of the areas used for battlefield. The zone is a group of smaller regions. Each zone, must have its own function and its own purpose.

2. Types of zones

As explained in the first point, each zone still has its own territory and its destination. To help your exploration, here are measures that are associated with the zone:

A. Vistas

The first zone is called Vistas. This zone has very interesting graphics and is one of its advantages.

B. Points of Interest

This zone one is an important sign. If you find this sign it means that the place has something hidden.

C. Renown Hearts

In this zone, players are always given tasks or missions to complete through their characters.

D. Hero challenges

This zone is a place where players can get points so they can add as many points as possible.

E. Waypoints zone

This zone is a zone used to shorten the distance to certain places.

Those are some kind of zone in Guild Wars 2 service that you should know. You can explore the zones above with your character and get many things like coins or XP. Hope the information above is useful for you!

The concept of Guild Wars 2 might look the same as most other MMORPG online games. However, this game is different than other online games. This game has more kinds of characters and the items. Not only that, Guild Wars 2 service provides dynamic events that make the players surprised by events.

To support these events, the developer of Guild Wars 2 made a very large area for battlefield. This game provides several cities that you can explore to get lots of gold coins and also XP for upgrading your items. Not only cities, this game also provides a establishment that is not the same as the city. To find out more, here are the list of establishment in Guild Wars 2.

List of establishment in Guild Wars 2

1. Heart of Maguuma

The first establishment in the Guild Wars 2 service is Heart of Maguuma. In Heart of Maguuma, there are 3 more parts, namely:

A. Jaka Itzel

This area is a large tree village area in the Verdant Brink region. This area has a leader named Kaana Miatli which is the nimble house of Itzel tribe of hylek.

B. Tarir

The second area at Heart of Maguuma is the famous Tarir with the nickname the forgotten city. As the name suggests, this city is a kind of old city in the Auric Basin. This city is a residence of mysterious Exalted led by Luminate. The citizens in this city are very loyal to cooperate in protecting their city.

C. Teku Nuhoch

The third area is Teku Nuhoch which is a large village but is located inside a giant tree with holes in Tangled Depths. This Temoat is the home of a sturdy Nuhoch tribe of hylek.

2. Crystal Desert

The second establishment in Guild Wars 2 is Crystal Desert. There are 2 regions in this establishment, namely:

A. Free City of Amnoon

The first city in Crystal Desert is Free City of Amnoon which is a harbor of humans. The city has a leader named the Amnoon City Council whose autonomy is not stable yet. There is a place of crafts called Lily of the Elon.

B. Palawadan

The second city in Crystal Desert is Palawadan or called Jewel of Istan. This city is a port that consists of humans.

Those are the list of establishments in Guild Wars 2 service. There is still another establishment called Central Tyria which has 4 regions. Hope the information above can be useful for you!

Lately, one of the online games that is popular is Guild Wars 2. This MMORPG game has its own appeal that makes its players addicted. It has attractive appearance, many kinds of items available, dynamic events, and also the many areas that players can explore. It is because there are many cities in the Guild Wars 2 battlefield arena.

It is of course also supported by the number of characters that can be selected as well as weapons items to strengthen the characters you have to choose. Not only that, you also have to master the skills of the characters chosen and their weapons. To find out more about this game, here are a list of cities in Guild Wars 2 service that you can explore while playing.

List of cities in Guild Wars 2

1. Charr

The first capital city in Guild Wars 2 service is Charr which has another nickname as the Black Citadel. Charr is a house of Iron Legion. This place is also used as a base operation of 3 HighLegions at Ascalon.

2. Asura

The second capital city is Asura or Rata Sum which is a magical city that towers above the Maguuma Jungle. Asura is the capital city that has the largest area than the others.

3. Norn

The third capital city is Norn or Hoelbrak which has many large huts inside and is used as a shelter, house, and trade center. This capital city is very crowded with people because it is a city founded by legendary hero Asgeir Dragonrender.

4. Sylvari

The fourth capital city is Sylvari or The Grove which is a capital city built on a Pale tree trunk. The Pale tree is Sylvari’s mother in Tyria.

5. Human

The fifth capital city is Human or Divinity’s Reach. This Capital city is the largest settlement place in Tyria. Human is also the seat of the Kryta kingdom.

Those are lists of cities in the Guild Wars 2 service. If you want to be more reliable and master this game, you should learn all the capital cities above to explore the regions. Hope this article is useful for you.

Everyone must has their own hobbies, one of the popular hobbies is playing games. With technological support, today’s children are also affected by following developing technology. That’s why most children nowadays have their own PC, internet, and smartphone. With this kind of support, they can easily access online games and make it their hobby.

Before playing the online game by yourself, you have to know the basic thing, it is how to install online games on a PC. Moreover, children who still have not learned this at school, they must have difficulty installing it. For that, here are things that must be considered in installing the game Guild Wars 2 service.

All about installing Guild Wars 2 games

1. Prepare a PC with the right specifications

Before installing Guild Wars 2 service, you have to prepare the appropriate PC first. You can choose whether a Windows PC or Mac. It is because online games have a greater capacity than offline games. Online games often update the system so that your PC must have the right memory capacity.

If you have a Windows PC, what you are preparing for is a PC with a minimum internal specification of 50 GB HDD for loading the game. You must prepare a PC with a minimum RAM of 4 GB. As with the Mac, you must prepare a PC with a minimum RAM of 8 GB with an internal minimum of 50 GB HDD. After confirming the spesification above, you can install the game.

2. Installing the game

The first thing you have to do after preparing the PC is download the Guild Wars 2 game file on the official website. Before that, you have to prepare the browser that will use it first. You have to make sure your browser is updated so that it doesn’t create error when downloading the game. After completing the browser update, start downloading the game file.

After that, wait a while until the file has finished downloading. Then, click the file and follow the steps that appear on the screen and click Next until the installation process is complete.
That’s some information you should know about the installation of Guild Wars 2 service on your PC. You have to follow the instructions that appear on the screen during the installation process so that the game is installed perfectly on your PC. Good luck.

Playing an online game is a nice thing to do for the gamers. They can even spend for many hours just playing online games. Especially for the experts, they will be more addicted to play the game again and again. Besides, the experts can take part in a number of match contests held to win a number of prizes.

To become a master, you have to practice continuously but also have to know the time limit. For beginners, one of the things you should know to play online games is to prepare the right PC. One of the most popular online games is Guild Wars 2. Here are the spesification f PC that must be prepared before enjoying Guild Wars 2 service.

Things you must know in running the Guild Wars 2 game

1. Prepare the right Windows PC

Before you play the Guild Wars 2 game, you have to know what PC that can accommodate the game. Because this game includes online games that have a wide server, you also have to prepare a PC with certain specifications. The PC must have Windows 7 OS with 64 bits only. Then, the processor used are Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4 Ghz, AMD Athlon 64 X2, Core i3, or a better processor.

You also have to prepare a PC with 4 GB of RAM with a minimum hard drive capacity of 50 GB available. Then, ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT graphics card and NVIDIA GeForce 8800GTS.

2. Setting up the right Mac PC
After discussing the right Windows PC, you also need to know about the specifications that must exist if you are using a Mac. You must prepare a minimum of Mac OS X 10.9 X. With a processor that supports it too, namely Intel Core i5. The RAM memory that must be available is 8 GB RAM with a minimum hard drive capacity of 50 GB available.

Those are the specifications of PC that you should prepare to run Guild Wars 2 service. You don’t need to worry if you have a PC with specifications that are slightly lower than mentioned above. You can still upgrade it by contacting customer service from your PC brand. Hope this article above can be useful for you.