Aurene Legendary Weapons Guide! All You Need To Know About Them

Aurene Legendary Weapons Guide! All You Need To Know About Them

Even as a pretty old MMORPG, Guild Wars 2 keeps giving something new to the players. The End of Dragons expansion is among the best things you can ask. It offers several new missions and things to explore, which make the game playable again.

With the story about the dragon, the player also has their chance to get into the new generation of legendary weapons. The legendary weapon gen 3 is inspired by the dragon story, which makes it known as the Elder’s dragon Aurene legendary weapon. But what is it? 

About The Legendary Weapon 

Similar to many other or previous legendary weapon generation, Aurene is several sets of weapons that you can eventually get in the End of Dragon expansion. It features a set of sixteen new legendary weapons themed from the elder dragon Aurene stories. 

It is another good news for the collector, which makes the game even more challenging. At the same time, the new legendary makes a set of new actions and games to do. Are you ready to work around it? 

The New Exceptional Features 

Every legendary weapon in GW2 always has its shares of distinctive aspects to boast. Many of them cover various styles and looks. But the new Aurene legendary weapon is exceptional.  

The third gen has special kill effects that make a fun addition for the game mechanic and animation. There are also secondary unlockable skins, which make the design appear more daring and unique. 

How To Get It? 

Similar to many other legendary weapons, the generation 3 or the Aurene legendary weapon has its quip in its achievement. You need to unlock several items, gather ingredients, get gifts, and finish several missions to get the weapon. Those items are mastery, fortune, and legendary weapon gifts. The precursor weapon and crafting mastery. 

Simply said, you will do the same long time and process for the legendary weapon. And obviously you need to play the End of the Dragon expansion plus having enough level to advance.  MMOPILOT