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Ascended Weapons Crafting In Guild War 2 – Guideline And Wide Magic Find Update

In Guild War 2, there are some powerful items known as ascended items. In this case, you got the armor and weapon. Tere are some ways to get particular items. Through achievement, crafting, looting, and buying it from a vendor. In this article, you will find further information regarding the ascended weapons crafting breakdown of materials and procedures. =========================================================================

Crafting Your Way Out To The Ascended Weapons

Let’s start with some of the basic info. So, the weapon may be crafted only if the artificer, weaponsmith, or artificer has reached the level of 500. It is quite high. So, if you are one of them you can create the weapons by using the ascended recipe that can be bought from the NPCs such as the guild traders or the master craftsman. It is also possible to gain the recipe from treasure or recipe books. Some materials are time-gated. That means you can only obtain some ingredients that limited to one craft per day. At the same time, each weapon also requires a minimum of 5 days to craft. All in all, progress will take quite a long time. To circumventing the problem, you can buy the refined materials from the NPCs. There are also some ways to get the weapon by exchanging the grandmaster marks with the ascended weapons.

What Will You Get From The Weapon

So, there is numerous kind of ascended weapons you may want to craft or achieve. You got those that come with predefined prefixes, such as crimson, citrine, viridian, cobalt, terracotta, calcite, and violet. Or there are some weapons that give you a chance to choose the prefixes. All the ascended weapons for a one-handed or off-handed design will have a single infusion slot. But for the two-handed or aquatic weapons, it will have two slots.

The Ascended Weapon Crafting Guide

You will need to be at 500 level of huntsman, artifice, or weapon smiths to craft this weapon. At the same time, the progress may have to take around 2 weeks to craft. If you are not the kind of person who likes to wait, there is a rare chance of the Ascended item or material drop everywhere. Along with it, you might get those very rare chance of finding the ascended weapon chest that allows you to choose which weapon type you want. If you want to add all stat combos in the ascended weapon, then you can use the new exotic inscription to the salvage tables on all-non crafted exotic weapons and to drops where applicable. You can also find some of the exotic weapon recipes to the new inscription in this article, so they aren’t only used for ascended weapons. To make it blunt, we just want you to consider other types of weapons to craft and gain more exp along the way. ==========================================================================  

Leveling Up To The level 500 To Craft The Weapon Or Armor

Many people were complaining that the number is way too high. Well good thing is, this just a game. You can reach level 500 after you discover numerous exotic and refine tier 7 crafting materials above level 450. Keep on trying to craft will eventually lead you to reach the required level. Of course, before you get into that point, you will need to keep on crafting numerous exotics and refine tier 6 materials that up to level 450. ===========================================================================  

The Raw Ascended Materials

Back to the looting and the material gathering. So, what do you need to make this exotic weapon? At least there are some items or material collections that will be needed for ascended materials. Some of them are useable to craft the weapon, at the same time, some of them are okay to be used for crafting the armor. You can read the ascended armor crafting guide on our different guides. Here is what you need. ascended weapon_1
  1. Pile of Bloodstone Dust, Account Bound (Refines into Bloodstone Bricks, requires Artifice/Huntsman/Weaponsmith 450) – Champion loot bags
  2. Dragonite Ore, Account Bound (Refines into Dragonite ingots, Artifice/Huntsman/Weaponsmith 450) – Comes from Temple’s chests in Orr, Mega bosses, and Keeps and Castles in WvW.
  3. Empyreal Fragments, Account Bound (Refines into Empyreal Stars, Artifice/Huntsman/Weaponsmith 450) – Comes from dungeons, mini-dungeons, jumping puzzles and camps/towers in WvW.
  4. The glob of Dark Matter, Account Bound – Obtained only from salvaging exotics.
  5. Augur’s Stone, Account Bound – Purchased for skill points from Miyani near the mystic forge. Costs 20 skill points.
  6. Thermocatalytic Regeants – Brought from vendors (10 for 14 silver 96 copper)

The Ascended Inscriptions

To create the particular weapons set, you will need this inscription. You can get the ascended inscription buy buying it with 21,000 karma for each item. However, this will let you choose what kind of inscription you want on it once you buy it from a certain vendor. ascended weapon_2

The Ascended Recipe

Just like the inscriptions, you will have to but the related recipe from the vendor or NPCs such as the guild traders or the master craftsman with only 3 gold and 4 laurels each. This price also applies to the ascended armor recipes. ascended weapon_3

Refinements The Ectoplasm

After you reach the level of 450, you can refine Ectoplasm. Unfortunately, this refinement has a daily cooldown that also accompanied the account bound. So, be patient. Here are the two refinement items you can have as part of the crafting items for the ascended weapons set. – The Glob of Elder Spirit Residue (50 Elder Wood Planks, 1 Glob of Ectoplasm, 10 Thermocatalytic Reagents) ascended weapon_4 – A Lump of Mithrillium (50 Mithril Ingot, 1 Glob of Ectoplasm, 10 Thermocatalytic Reagent) ascended weapon_5

Refinement The Obsidian Shards

Another thing you can refine when you are at the level of 450 is the obsidian shards. Once again the refinement item will be account bound, so you have to be patient. In this case, to help you craft the ascended armor, you will need to know how to acquire the bloodstone brick, Dragonite ingot, and empyreal star. – bloodstone Brick (100 Piles of Bloodstone Dust, 2 Obsidian Dust, 10 Thermocatalytic Reagents) bloodstone Brick (100 Piles of Bloodstone Dust, 2 Obsidian Dust, 10 Thermocatalytic Reagents) ascended weapon_6 – Dragonite Ingot (100 Dragonite Ore, 2 Obsidian Shards, 10 Thermocatalytic Regents) ascended weapon_7 – Empyreal Star (100 Empyreal Fragment, 2 Obsidian Shard, 10 Thermocatalytic Reagents) ascended weapon_8

Refinements the Common Crafting mats

You can refine common tier crafting materials into Ascended ones. This a good thing for everyone, especially for the crafters. Even though some of the ingredients are account bound and have a daily timer, but most of the refined materials are tradeable. This idea can give extra money for crafters to log on daily and sell their refined stuff even if they have already got their ascended weapons. A great money income while getting yourself great weaponry as well. These refinements typically take Tier 2, 4, 5 mats. Here are what you can make: – Deldrimor Steel Ingots: 20 Iron Ingot, 10 Steel Ingot, 20 Darksteel Ingot, 1 Lump of Mithrillium) ascended weapon_9 – Spiritwood Planks: for 3 spirit wood planks you will need to gather 60 hardwood planks (20 for each plank).

Crafting The Weapons

To craft this higher tier of weapons, you will need some materials or items. The first thing to prepare is the ascended inscription. Then, you will need other components such as the blade or hilts, etc. and a vision crystal. All of the materials are also available through crafting or purchasing it from certain NPCs. If you reach here, that means you already got some ideas about the materials and how to get them. To conclude and simplify, here is the breakdown for you. ascended weapon_10 – An Ascended inscription can be bought for 21K karma. But other than that, the item requires materials such as Glob of Dark Matter, Orichalcum Inscriptions, Pile of Crystalline Dust, and Dowels (tradeable, 3 Spiritwood Planks + 3 Deldrimor Steel Ingots) to complete the purchasing process. ascended weapon_11 – You can make the Blade/Hilts which is one of the essential part for the ascended weapon crafting. These items are made from Deldrimor Steel Ingots, Pile of Crystalline Dust, and Thermocalaytic Reagents ascended weapon_12 – The last thing you need to complete all the requirements will be a Vision Crystal. You can create this particular item using some Dragonite Ingot, Empyreal Star, Angur’s Stone, Bloodstone Brick. ascended weapon_13 ===========================================================================  

The Ascended Weapon Gallery

There are three things you should know about this particular weapon. First, the weapon is soul and account bound on use. Which is means you can craft them for any character on your account. Second, this weapon will have an upgrade slot and offensive infusion slots. In this case, the two handler weapons will have two offensive infusion slots. The last one will be the different color sets will depend on the stats or the predetermined attribute you crafted. ascended weapon_14 Here are some of the different colors of the antique greatswords and its prefix attribute: ascended weapon_15ascended weapon_15 ===========================================================================  

Legendary Effect Revamp

There is nothing much we can tell you about the new effect revamp. The precursor crafting update is kind of in a big question mark, so we don’t know whether it is coming anytime soon or not. The new legendary weapons also mentioned being updated or coming out. You can check this information on our different pages. Talking about the ascended stats all of the legendaries that updated to this state will be in Best in Slot (BiS) condition. what it is means? It refers to the chance of getting the best weapon or one of the most powerful items for your account. Worth noting that the infusion slots available in the ascended weapon will only be used for the offensive. At this point, the upgraded legendary will not have any stats (after the patch) even though you got the chance to choose the stats right after the upgrade. Another thing that makes it better is the fact that you can select stats anytime out of combat or flying.   ascended weapon_16 ascended weapon_17 But why you should update the legendary? If you are one of those people who are looking for bigger footsteps and the flashier effect that follow the weapon, then why not? At the same time, as you upgrade the weapon, you will find some fun and interesting sense. So, what are the new flashier effect you will have? In this case, the effect will depend on the stat of the weapon. Here is some of the picture and the explanation. – Eternity: You will see that equipping the weapon will result in different footfalls. At the same time, your weapon will appear with a glowing gem at the handle ascended weapon_18 ascended weapon_19 ascended weapon_20 – Bitfrost: If you decide to use this stat in your weapon, you will find that your account will show a different or new footfall. The ascended legendary weapon also comes with updated textures and a new projectile effect. ascended weapon_21 ascended weapon_22 ascended weapon_23 – Meteorlogicus: Apparently, you will find your account character showing a new footfall upon using the ascended legendary weapon. You can also find some interesting addition on the weapon which is a white fluffy clouds effect that appears at day and a stormy cloud with lightning effect at night. ascended weapon_24 ascended weapon_25 ascended weapon_26 – The moot: the new update makes this weapon looks very fancy with its very reflective and shiny effect (somehow appear like a disco ball). Great for attention-grabber people or party people. ascended weapon_27 ascended weapon_28
  • Howler: has somewhat cool effects on it
  • Quip : once again only some minor updated effect
  • Ministrel: Updated with better effects on its surface
  • Incinerator: the weapon user will show some Better footfalls
  • Juggernaut: Better footfalls, with some splash effect on the move
  • Frostfang: Come with Glowing ice effect and better footfalls
  • Kudzu: Change to the model so the arrow actually looks sticks out, it also has updated projectile effect.
  • Dreamer: Only appear with new footfalls
  • Bolt: Same with the previous weapon, it only appears with new footfalls
  • Twilight/Sunrise/Flameseeker Prophecies/Rodgort – there is no apparent change in these particular weapons. They were pretty awesome already (for our personal preferences).
  • Underwater legendaries: All of the weapons are reportedly have some updates. Speargun got a new fish projectile. The trident textures are fixed, looks even better than before. While the spear got some texture/effect changes.
  • Transmuted legendaries: You will be provided with a Transmutation Splitter in the mail. It will convert your transmuted legendary back so you can receive all the cool new updates.
Those are some of the apparent differences you can find from the new update regarding the ascended weapon. While you can craft the weapon from the scratch, the possibility to upgrade the legendaries into ascended might be better for you. You will have a better and more powerful weapon, at the same time, have a cool looking effect that follows. We are surely sorry for the lack of pictures. If you are looking for further info, please stay tuned with our update. ===========================================================================  

Other Acquisition Method


If you are interested in these weapons yet don’t want to craft, then you can try some other ways. The first one will be completing certain achievements. Worth noting, that every achievement will come with high requirements. You can check some of our guides to get further information regarding the achievement. Here are some of the achievements you can try for.
  1. Gold Fractal Master
  2. Machined Weapons collection
  3. War Cache of the Twin Dynasts
  4. Primordus Weapons collection – Staff only. Requires Living World season 3 chapter 2 – Rising Flames to complete.
  5. Specialization Collections – Requires the respective elite specialization to be unlocked. Must be fully trained to complete.
  6. From Heart of Thorns, the following can be obtained: greatsword, hammer, longbow, shield (1), shield (2), staff (1), staff (2), torch, warhorn
  7. From Path of Fire, the following can be obtained: axe (1), axe (2), dagger (1), dagger (2), rifle, short bow, sword (1), sword (2), torch
  8. Knight of the Thorn – Requires Heart of Thorns chapter 16: Hearts and Minds to be completed. Choice of dagger, greatsword, scepter, shield, or sword. May be exchanged for a different one through Ridhais.
  9. The King Toad and The Storm Wizard – Requires Super Adventure Box festival to be active.


Completing certain events can reward players with Ascended weapons. While it is also possible to get the weapons from the drop, but worth noting that the rarity is very high. So, the chance is very low either.
  • Defeating Tequatl the Sunless has a small chance to reward players with a Tequatl’s Hoard or an Ascended weapon chests, from the Exotic Dragon Chest which is only obtainable once daily.
  • Mistborn Coffers in Dragonfall have a small chance to contain Gift of Aurene (one gift is guaranteed to drop once per account within the first 1000 coffers opened).
  • Dragon Coffers, available during Dragon Bash festival and through trading, have a small chance to contain Gift of Aurene or Tequatl’s Hoard.
  • Daily fractal chests have a small chance of rewarding Ascended weapon chests.
  • Raid bosses have a chance to drop a specific weapon. This weapon is the same type available for purchase from Scholar Glenna after defeating that particular boss. Only available once per kill weekly.
  • World versus World rank up rewards
  • Reward track loot boxes
  • Guild missions
  • Very small chance from opening Champion loot bags.

Buying It From Vendor

Of course, you can buy it from a certain vendor or merchant across the map. It will come with different currency or the price. You can check the availability of the weapons and purchase it from BLING-9009, Ascended weapon league vendor, Skirmish supervisor, basic magnetite exchange operative scholar Glenna, scholar Glenna, and the crystallographer smoxxi. ===========================================================================  

Account Wide Magic Find Update

Since the SAB patch came out on September 3, 2013, not only ascended crafting and legendary weapons’ effects change that you can find on it, but also some major updates. To give you a little bit of information regarding the update, here are a quick preview and the summary of the account wide magic Find. So, is it a good update? It is not that bad anyway but you have to say bye for few things. For a 2013 patch, some new things are greatly accepted. Here is the summary for you. – New UI for account wide magic find – New consumables called Essence of Luck (different rarity levels – purple, blue, etc.) that you will get from salvaging blues, greens, and globs of ectoplasm. You can consume this Essence of Luck to add to your luck bar which will increase your account wide magic find when the bar is full. It will take more Luck to gain a % as you get higher and higher magic find. – Salvage kit does NOT affect the amount of Essence of Luck that you get. So, you can enjoy your Copper-fed Salvage-O-Matic without any fears of it not giving you the standard amount of Essence of Luck that any salvage kit will produce. In other words, you are free to use copper-fed Salvage-O-Matic. – To make up for the removal of magic find gear account, the game will reward everyone a purple Essence of Luck that will give you 20% Magic Find by default. (applies for all player) – Account wide magic find can also be earned through achievements. – Account wide magic find is capped at 300%.- Weapons, armor, and trinkets with magic find will become account bound, lose their current stats, and will gain the ability to be double-clicked to select one of several stat options depending on the item. – All existing drops and crafting recipes that have created Magic Find gear will be replaced with three new combos:
  • Explorer’s recipes will be replaced with the Assassin’s stat combo (Precision, Power, Critical Damage)
  • Traveler’s drops will be replaced with the Dire Stat Combo (Condition Damage, Toughness, Vitality)
  • Pillagers recipes will be replaced with Hunter’s stat combo (Precision, Power)
– Upgrade Components that currently give Magic Find bonuses will be updated with new functionality.
  • Copper, silver, gold and platinum doubloons will give boon duration
  • The Rune of the Pirate for power.
  • Rune of the Traveler will grant all stats, condition damage, boon duration and movement speed.
  • The component of Rune of the Noble only condition damage and might.
  • Rune of the Scavenger will grant condition damage and life steal.
  • Sigil of Luck will grants a random boon on kill
– Food/Utility Infusions/Guild Buffs will retain their magic find. So, you don’t need to worry that your guild will have no sufficient magic find accounts. ascended weapon_29