Armorsmith Leveling Guide for Level 300-400 – Guild Wars 2 Service

Armorsmith Leveling Guide for Level 300-400 – Guild Wars 2 Service

Reaching level 400 is really important if you want to get your own Armorsmith. Because after that level, your crafting experience will be a lot more challenging. But, at this point, what you do to level up is pretty easy, but it takes patience to do because the thing that you need to do is pretty boring. You don’t do a lot of fighting or anything. All you do is buy stuff from vendor NPC then craft them. If you don’t mind being bored out of your mind, then here are things that you need to do.

Armorsmith Leveling 300-400

1. Level 300-350

Go to the vendor and get 19 or Rampager’s Silk Insignia and use it with Mithril Helmet Casing and Lining to discover Rampager’s Barbaric Helm. This, you need to do for 19 times. Make 8 of Major Rune of Svanir with 4x Pile of Lucent Crystal, 1x Corrupted Core and 1x Charm of Potence to get it. At this point go ahead and move on to the next level.

2. Level 350-400

At this point, you have to do 7 things. Things that you have to craft are is make a Major Rune of the Fire, Major Rune of the Earth, Carrion Gladiator Helm, Assassin’s Gladiator Pauldrons. The other three things that you need to make are Assassin’s Gladiator Boots, Assassin’s Gladiator Gauntlets, and Assassin’s Gladiator Helmet. By crafting those items from the crafting materials that you collected before, you will reach level 400.

After the level 400, the crafting would be a lot interesting. You can start having fun with it. Though to get here you have to go through extensive and boring process. If you don’t want to do the boring stuff, you can actually hire professional gamers to do it for you. Many of them are gathered in a Guild Wars 2 service like MMOPilot. MMOPilot is a leveling company that focuses on helping you to have the best experience in playing GW2 by doing the boring work for you! Then, all you have to do is play the fun part!

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