Armorsmith Leveling Guide for Level 300-400 – Guild Wars 2 Service

To be a master armorsmith, you will need to reach level 500. But, before you got that number, you should conquer the level 300-400. Just like any other crafting profession, completing this levels are not that hard, but it can be boring as hell. You won’t fight or loot in the battlefield, but you should buy lots of stuff and craft more. if you are okay being bored for the long process, here is the brief guide for you.

Armorsmith Leveling 300-400

1. Level 300-350

In this stage you should strive in discovering the Rampager’s Barbaric helm. You can do it by buying at least 19 Rampager’s silk insignia to craft the Mithril helmet casing and lining. In this case, you need to do that crafting for 19 more time. At the same time, don’t forget to make 8 major Rune of Svanir that can be made with 4 pile of Lucent Crystal, 1 Corrupted Core, and 1 Charm of Potence. Keep doing it and you can move on to discover more recipes on higher level.

2. Level 350-400

In this level, you should focus on accomplishing or crafting 7 things. They are Major Rune of the fire, Major Rune of the earth, Carrion Gladiator helm, Assassin Gladiator Pauldrons, Assassin Gladiator boots, Assassin gladiator Gauntlets, and assassin gladiator Helmets. All of them can be made as long as you got the recipes and the required materials. Crafting it might only take a few minutes, but collecting the material can be very painstaking.
It can be said that to be master armorsmith, you should go through extensive and boring process. From buying stuff, collecting materials, and crafting mountainous items just to level up. In case you are not into boring process, you can try Guild wars 2 service. MMOPilot is one of the greatest company out there. They have professional players, reasonable price, and can help you conserve your time. So, don’t be shy! They will help you out of this boring process.

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