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If you have play MMORPG, highly possible you have encounter some occasion where you should find an NPC with exclamation mark on their head, right? All of those are to start event in the game. But you will not find it in Guild Wars 2, since whatever you do will relate to dynamic event. Interacting with plant, speaking with vendors, or helping screaming NPC can lead you to certain event. But before you start an event, here is a brief info for you.

A Tad Bit Information About Event In Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 Service

1. Event Scaling

In GW 2, an event can scale up or down according to the participant. In this case, the scaling will affect the enemy’s number, abilities or level. There are also new types of foes or objective. The scale will differ of each event; it can either up to 10 to 100. All in all, you should be prepared for a sudden champion enemy appears as the event scale is getting higher.

2. Meta Event

Guild Wars 2 Service
Meta event is highly related to the storyline. So, the event will link to any other different mission that also offer story in many part of explorable zones. In this case, you can check he Meta event being activated or not from your event assistant.

3. Chained Event

Guild Wars 2 Service
If you think meta event is tiring, then be prepared with the chained event. This kind of type will follow after other events event without being part of Meta even. Your only hint whether you are doing chain or meta is the related NPCs. So, make sure to ask them at what point you are in the event, since it can take a lot of time to finish.
Dynamic Event In Guild Wars 2 With the numerous events sprayed across the map, you will join one of them in no time. But, the first and the most important thing to do is preparing yourself with level and gears. In case you got no time to play, then hire Guild Wars 2 service power leveling from MMOPilot. They are a reputable company that can level up your character in no time. So, don’t worry or shy! They won’t charge you heavenly, and their skill can help you conserve your time.

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