All about story journal in Guild Wars 2 – Guild Wars Service

In MMORPG games, there is always some storylines that must be followed by the players to reach the ending and win the game. This storyline is also an interesting things for the game players because it has more interesting things to learn about the game’s story.
As you know, in the Guild Wars 2 game there is also a storyline which has interesting story in every part of the game. To know further about this game, here are all about the story of the Guild Wars 2 service journal that you must know.

All about story journal in Guild Wars 2

1. Biography

In guild wars 2, every time you choose a character for playing the game, you will see the biography of each character you will use. However, the description of each character will be disappear when you change your mouse pointer into another area in your PC. So, you have to hold the mouse pointer in one character only to read the full description.

2. Journal or episode

In this game, there are some episodes and story to explain about the story in each episode. You can choose the journal you want to see each story includes in it. In this case, you can also see stories of each character that you want to know.

3. Bonus

At the end of this game has a part called part bonus. This part bonus has their own story or personal story and let the player know about it. This story will be told when you succeed in completing the missions or challenges given to the players. Every story will be seen by the players to let them understand each of the storyline or life and adventure of the characters that are used.

Those are some things about the Guild Wars 2 service that you should know. So that you can understand the story being played. Hopefully the information provided will be useful for you.