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All About Story Journal In Guild Wars 2 – Guild Wars 2 Service

In some story-driven game, the existence of storyline will create an obvious direction of the game. And to finish them, you should follow and finish the whole story. It is not that far different with the Guild Wars 2 that have story line. Even though it is an open world MMORPG game, GW 2 is renowned for their immersive story. What about the story? Is it worth to follow or you only need to join some clash of fight in the game? The answer is in your hand. One thing for sure, this game is massive. And following the storyline can either lead to interesting events, achievement, reward, etc. All of the story progresses are jotted down in the story journal. Interested? Check out his information.

Story Journal In GW 2

Guild Wars 2 Service

1. Episodes And Switching Stories

As you progress the storyline, you will find episodes list in the story journal. You can click and choose to “switch to this story” to do the episode, or click “replay this episode” to play again. Repeating will delete all your current progress, but you can play it again to perfect the record or get some item.

2. Biography

Guild Wars 2 Service One thing that makes GW 2 unique is the ability of making your own biography. In this case, each race, profession, or build will affect your biography. The information will include the character belief, social statues, etc. that can be chanced during gameplay that lead to splitting story line and multiple branches.

3. Rewards

Guild Wars 2 Service What you did in the game will affect the appearance and services in the character’s home instance. All the progress will be written, including when you do mission and instance. Worth to know that the enemies within instance will drop no loot, but the mission will. So, you can get rich from it. All in all, the temptation of completing the storyline and get the reward is high. But nevertheless, it is not an easy thing to do, since leveling up and getting gear will take a lot of time. If you think you can’t do it, hire Guild wars 2 power leveling service from MMOPIlot. They are a reputable company that will help you conserve your time in playing the game with an affordable cost.

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