Things You Need To Know To Play Guild Wars 2 – Months

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Things You Need To Know To Play Guild Wars 2 . We know how cool it is to play the Guild Wars 2 and enjoy it with your friend. In matter of fact, you can easily install the game in the game. But hold your horse! This game is not only massive inside the game, but also require quite a bit of needs in order to install. Especially if you want to experience the game fully, you need sufficient gaming gear to make the Guild Wars work smoothly without any lag or problem. What you need? Here is the answer.

What You Need To Prepare To Play Guild Wars 2 To The Fullest

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1. Getting The Right Window Pc

Things You Need To Know To Play Guild Wars 2 . Remember that this is a big online game with a wide server, thus you need sufficient PC. You will need a PC that run Windows 7 64 bits, no more no less. Then, processor Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4 Ghz, AMD Athlon 64 X2, I3, or better. Don’t forget to get 4 GB RAM and minimum 50 GB hard drive, plus ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT graphic card or NVIDIA GeForce 8800GTS VGA.

2. Setting Up The Mac Pc To Play Gw 2

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Things You Need To Know To Play Guild Wars 2 . If you opt for using Mac, then prepare a mac PC with minimum OS X 10.9 X. You also need at least core i5 processor, with the RAM around 8 GB, and the hard drive capacity of 50 GB. That is enough to play the game, if there is lag or problem you can either upgrade the computer or check your device.
At least those are the minimum specification for your computer. Either PC or MAC will need certain configuration to run this game smoothly. It is also apply to your GW 2 characters. As you play, the high levels, best skills, gears, and weapons, are important. How if you can play a lot? Then, hire MMOPilot Guild Wars 2 service power leveling to help you up. They will leveling up your character in no time with affordable price. Just let them do the hassles.

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