A Quick Guide to Get Chuka and Champawat III: Tigris – Guild Wars 2 Service

A Quick Guide to Get Chuka and Champawat III: Tigris – Guild Wars 2 Service

Having a legendary weapon is exciting when playing Guild Wars 2. Your gaming experience will up a notch. But, as many players already know, getting it isn’t easy. There are various things that you need to complete to get it. in getting Chuka and Champawat’s legendary bow, you need to complete several steps. The first two are The Hunt and Ambush. After those, you go to the next step which is Tigris. It’s the third step to get the precursor weapon, Tigris. Find out how you can get it!

Chuka and Champawat III: Tigris

1. What It Is

Chuka and Champawat is a short legendary bow. After completing Chuka and Champawat I: The Hunt, and Chuka and Champawat II: Ambush, you have to do the third step. In Chuka and Chamapawat III: Tigris, you have to already have the Historian of the Armaments that you get from previous missions. At the end of this achievement collection, you will be rewarded by Chest of The Tiger.

2. How to Get It

To complete this step, there are things that you need to collect first. In total, you need to collect twenty items. In getting those items, you need to do various and multiple events in different places of the map of Tyria. You can find the details on Guild Wars 2 wiki. But, the bottom line is that you have to do these events to be rewarded by Tigris at the end of the collection.

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