A Quick Guide to Get Chuka and Champawat III: Tigris – Guild Wars 2 Service

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Every Guild Wars 2 players know how attractive the legendary weapons are. Especially, for those who are in love with the tiger effects on the Chuka and Champawat bow. It is breathtaking, fun, and unique. But unfortunately, it is not that easy to achieve.
The thing is you have to do lots of tasks and finish all the weapon achievement tiers to get all the crafting components. If you are here, that means you are curious about the third steps to craft the precursor weapon: Tigris.

Chuka and Champawat III: Tigris

What It Is

So, what is this step about? Tigris is the name of the required precursor weapon, but at the same time, it is also the name of the third tier weapon achievement for Chuka and Champawat.
The story from this third achievement is you will have to seek out the naturalist Cymbel. The reason of this mission is to find what set the tigers on rampage. Were they just a crazed beast or there a deeper story behind it?

What Should You Do?

Just as other achievement, you will have to gather numerous things from all across the Tyria map. Basically, you have to move around. To finish the whole mission, you should collect 20 items. All can be achieved by interacting with Cymbel, completing event or guests, defeating bandit or people, and many more interactions.

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