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Legendary and ascended items are amazing. Yes, obtaining them are one of the greatest achievement in Guild Wars 2? But did you know that they need certain profession mastery? One of them is leatherworking. As you are here, that means you are looking for a way to make the leveling progress faster?
Worth noting that leveling the leatherworking is not that hard. But in contrast it can painfully boring and time consuming. If you are seeking for a faster method, you should check out the list below.

Leatherworking Leveling 300-400

Materials To Buy

Every level and recipes has different materials that needed for crafting. In this masteries level, you will need a whole bunch of Thick Leather Silk materials. You can either buy it or looting it. just remember that looting or farming will take more time.
If you do has more money, why don’t you buy some materials from NPC Vendors or trading post? You can buy lots of things, from padding, lining, straps and others. At some point, buying will help you save more time and get the items easily to complete the level requirement.

Recipes To Discover

Boy oh boy! We know that upping 100 levels is not easy. Especially for mastering profession, but there is nothing impossible. So, you will unlock the Adept recipes in this stage. It will allow you to craft the thick leather silk for more than enough. It can be very boring eventually, since you have to craft a lot of times.
So, is there a way to conquer this long progress? Surprisingly, yes. You can ask or hire GW 2 power leveling service such as MMOPilot. They are a trustworthy plus reputable game leveling company that has reasonable and reachable price. The players also very professionals that they can get 80 levels in flash. They have been in this field of industry for a long time, so don’t be shy to ask and conserve your energy and time.

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