4 Components Needed For Every Legendary Weapon Generation!

4 Components Needed For Every Legendary Weapon Generation!

What makes you remember legendary weapons in Guild Wars 2? Probably the mind boggling process and achievement to do. Since its appearance, the legendary weapon still has a long list of achievements to do. But, there are at least four main components to consider. Each of them are needed in different forms for every weapon, style, or generations. 

1. Precursor Weapon 

Precursor weapons are either Ascended weapons or level 80 exotic weapons. It is used to craft the legendary. It can be obtained from drops, crafting, mystic forge, trading, or several achievements. 

2. Legendary Weapon Gift 

Every weapon has different weapon gifts to collect, and so does for every generation. Most of them are made from mystic forge with different ingredients to collect on every item, such as gift of wood, mist, shard of call of the void, and mystic runestone for Gift of Verdarach. 

3. Fortune Gift

This is items that are made from crafting materials using mystic forge. Each generation has different items to complete the said gift. And to get the ingredient, players might have to play raids, PVP, or WVW. 

4. Mastery Gift, Gift of Maguma, Desert mastery, Jade mastery

These items are needed to create several items. They can be obtained by collecting several items, such as shards, several other gifts, and other items. 

5. Fragment (Only For Gen 3)

Gen 3 has an additional variant of skins, which you can get with an additional component. That component is based on the elder dragon theme, which you can get from several fragments after finishing different achievements as well. 

Sounds easy right? Most players will say that the achievement can be a bit complex to do, especially to get some mastery and fortune gift. The process also takes money and some are pretty expensive based on the time it takes.

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